About Us

Family on shore of Bass Lake, CA

The program was founded in 1965 with a mission to enhance children’s growth and knowledge through positive experiences in the beautiful outdoor settings of California. Throughout the years, our programs have offered children a variety of programs to include multi-day backpacking trips, Watersports Day Camp (Sierra Adventure Camps), winter ski and snowboarding trips (Sierra Snowriders) and the resident camp program known as the Sierra Sleep-Away. We have offered different types of programs throughout the years to meet the needs of families and our mission remains the same.

Sierra Sleep-Away

The Sierra Sleep-Away has been tent camping on the shore of Bass Lake, CA, since 1970! In 2013, the Sierra Sleep-Away partnered with Peninsula Activities, Inc. which operates Peninsula Bay Cities Day Camp serving the south bay area of Los Angeles.

Our Goals

Enjoyment: To create fun-filled, non-competitive outdoor activities where friendships can develop.

Adventure: To offer age appropriate challenges so that campers can gain a “can-do” confidence as they meet these challenges successfully.

Health: To promote mental health through positive interpersonal relationships and a feeling of success. To promote physical health through encouraging an active lifestyle.

Education: To provide proper instruction in aquatics and other outdoor skills as well as the information necessary to safely enjoy these skills.

What people are saying about us...

"There is no question why this camp has been around so many years. Each camper is treated like a family member and are encouraged by the counselors to try new activities and participate. My kids were so excited to tell me about their day and still talk about all the fun they had. It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to do it again!"
-The Nagel Family
"Fantastic overnight camp. Amazing location and activities."
-The Stawski Family
"Sierra Adventure Camps was everything we hoped it would be...fun, safe, well planned and exciting."
-The Saken Family
"I thought my child was very safe. He had a ball and loved your program. See you next year!"
-Pauline Micelli, parent
"I must say that of all of the camps my son has attended, and he has gone to several, you have the best leaders and the most competent young people. Your leaders show a sincere concern for the well-being of all the children, are kind and considerate and show respect for both the children and parents. They are patient with the parents (some parents are on the difficult side), and are always friendly, even after a long day."
-Ariel Ganezer, parent
"I learned a lot of watersports I didn’t know I could do. Everybody should go."
-Kelly T. (age 9)
"A perfect place for getting your feet ‘wet’ for Southern California fun!"
-Nancy Ellin, parent
"The best summer I ever had was at Sierra, because I had the greatest counselors and got to go to new and different places"
-Maddy G. (age 10)
"Sleep-Away was the best camp ever! They offered a wide variety of activities ranging from watersports to camping. I can’t wait to go back next year!"
-Mia Z. (age 12)
"The counselors and staff of Sierra are fun, high-energy, and kid centered."
-The Hudnut Family


Sierra Sleep-Away

August 5 – August 16

August 5 – August 10